Our Parents

Another remarkable thing about caring for young children is the relationships that can grow between parents and their child’s nursery. It comes from the immense amount of trust that is part of leaving your children in the care of someone else. It is always very touching when we get parents who may have left us a long some time ago popping in for a catch up.

For many parents we become an important part of their early parenting years.

Starting nursery can be a very anxious time for both children and parents and we work very hard on the attention both children and parents receive when they are going through this transition. Parents are always encouraged to phone as many times as they want during the day. Or given as much time as they need to settle their children, chat with staff or stay to watch their child play.

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Parents in Partnership

We use an online recording system that allows parents to track their child’s progress as well as celebrate nursery achievements at home. Parents can communicate in real time and share activities or their child’s progress which can be invaluable for the nursery in helping the children reach their next steps. Other family members can also log in and see pictures and videos of children’s activities during the day.

We love it when parents come in and spend some time in the nursery doing an activity and so do the children. We have parents who come in and paint, Bake, play instruments, we might even persuade you to paddle around the pier in a boat your child helped build! Just coming in to read sometimes is great. (Children really love it when they hear stories in another language). We cater for many children who have English as an additional or second Language and really appreciate how this enriches the nursery for all of our children.