Wonder Years is lucky to have a large outdoor area and outdoor play is an important part of nursery life.

We spend a lot of time in the garden in all but extreme weather. Children love being outdoors and there is a wealth of research extolling the emotional as well as physical benefits for children’s wellbeing and development.

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outdoor day nursery

The garden offers a wide variety of opportunities for climbing, running, riding, making and building, growing and gardening. We have chickens to feed and run around with as well as collecting eggs. We even have a very friendly ferret called Lenny who is taken for walks around the garden.

As well as the garden we take full advantage of a small woodland opposite the nursery and take regular trips out to parks, pet shops, markets, etc (train rides into Brighton and back from Preston Park are very popular, sometimes just counting different vehicles that pass by the buss stop can be great fun).

outdoor nursery play

learning to cross roads

Taking learning opportunities outside is such an important way of enriching and cementing children’s education at all ages. Young children are generally very physical learners and the outdoors offers so many rich opportunities for physical and visual learning.