About Our Nursery.

We opened our doors in December 2001. We set out to build a nursery where we would send our three young children. We had three girls under the age of 4, life could be quite hectic but alongside all of the usual parental stresses, we were constantly enchanted by the magic of those early years.

The dictionary defines wonder as;


“a feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something beautiful, remarkable, or unfamiliar.”


“desire to know something; feel curious.”

It is hugely rewarding and a privilege to care for young children. How exciting was Christmas when you were little? How much has that magic been rekindled now that you have children of your own? Working with little people who ‘know’ that Father Christmas is real or hope that blowing on a dandelion might spread fairy dust, is such a lovely thing to do. Fostering that sense of wonder is at the heart of everything we do at Wonder Years Day Nursery.

It is from this starting point that we strive to make each child feel safe, secure and valued first. We know that young children need this to be able to enjoy learning. We fully embrace the changes in the Early Years Curriculum and the huge improvement in the quality of Day Nurseries over the years we have been open. Sometimes we do feel that without a little extra focus on early childhood, some of that magic can get left behind rather than being integral to early education. Pre-schoolers are natural learners it’s how children develop.

Our job is to create an environment that fosters their natural curiosity and provide carers with high skill levels to develop all of our children’s desire to learn and help prepare them for formal education.