Learning and development at The Wonderyears Daycare Nursery

Like most nurseries, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS). It is the framework that has been devised to help support and develop your child’s learning and fully prepare them for Primary Education.

The EYFS provides for a mixture of leaning through open play and more adult led activities to help move children on to the next steps in their development.

The EYFS also sets out the legal welfare requirements that everyone registered to look after children must follow to keep your children safe and promote their welfare.

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For each child we make continual assessments based on observations of their play and activities.

The EYFS gives us a framework against which we can see where each child needs to further develop. The information gathered from the observations feeds into each child’s individual learning plans. These allow each child’s keyworker to set up the rooms and plan different adult led activities to help move children onto their next level or steps.

All of this assessment, observation and planning is done on tablets and shared online. Parents can log in securely and see their child’s progress in real time. Parents can also add comments and ideas from home that can be fed into the learning plans and support their child’s learning at home. This is a wonderful way to keep your child’s interests at the heart of their learning.

This online learning journal helps strengthen your involvement in your child’s development whilst at Wonder Years and provides a permanent record with pictures and videos of your child’s time at our nursery.

For more specific and detailed information click here for the Full parents guide to the EYFS.


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