The staff of any Day Nursery are really where quality care begins

Whenever we recruit new members of our team we are looking first and foremost for a genuine love of working with young children. Everyone in the nursery is encouraged to become part of the nursery’s constant strive for improvement. All Staff must continue their training and professional development. We send all staff out on courses on a continual basis, we also have two inset days each year where we can all get together as a team and have training on child development as a unit. We have staff meetings one evening every six weeks

Over 80% of our staff are qualified to level 3 or higher.

We have a very low staff turnover.

Many of our team are also parents themselves.

Our staff ratios are in excess of Ofsted requirements.

wonderyears nursery staff

Our Staff are managed by Katherine our Nursery Manager. She has been with us since 2001 and has a foundation degree in childcare. Our Deputy Manager is an Early Years Professional. They work very closely together with the owner to ensure that the nursery is continually evolving whilst maintaining the highest standards.

The result is a large team that truly work together to create a very personal and caring nursery environment.