Under 2s – Turtles

As far as possible we will follow the same routines at nursery that you do at home.

All information about your baby’s day from nappy changes to feeding and sleep as well as the days activities, are given to you by your keyworker at the end of each day.It is also recorded online and is available to view and comment on at anytime. Always useful on those busy mornings if you forget to mention anything you think we should know!

Under twos need lots and lots of care and attention to feel secure and we ensure they get plenty.

under twos nursery

under two years old day nursery

Our under 2’s are cared for with a ratio of 1:3 or greater. Babies need a lot of practice to learn and refine their motor skills. This physical development in turn greatly effects cognitive development and reasoning.

The learning journey starts here with a wide variety of learning activities and lots of physical activities. The day is filled with lots of messy and tactile play and exploration as well as music and singing, trips to local parks and woodland.

We operate a free flow system allowing the babies to crawl/walk freely about on the first floor.

They are not restricted to one room all day allowing them to have a wider range of development opportunities.

At this stage rest is also an important part of the day and we have a separate cot room for sleepers as well as several cozy quiet areas for some calm time.

When settling in or at any time you can ask for as much feedback as you like.

Many of our parents use the online system to see pictures or short videos whilst at work to help reassure them when at work that everything is fine.

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