Over 3s – Sharks

Not as scary as their name suggests. As our children move into this group we make a fuss of this important milestone for them. Adult led activities are further developed to stretch your child’s learning, as the focus becomes about preparing them for school.
It is our role to help your child build a strong sense of their own self so they can become confident learners. Planning by your child’s keyworker becomes much more detailed with activities specifically designed to encourage and develop

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Physical motor skills
Speech and language
Understanding of their environment and the world we share
Imaginative and creative play
Maths and Literacy

At the start of the year we create a special group for our school leavers to do extra work with a senior keyworker to fully prepare them for school in the coming months. This group has an added emphasis on learning the kinds of independent skills they will need to have when they begin Primary education.

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