• All fees are fully inclusive of all foods (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and fruit and snacks during the day), nappies and creams, sun lotions, regular outings that include train and bus fares, nursery visits from outside organisations, entertainers and yoga lessons.
  • Discounts

Full Time childcare is offered with a 10% discount.

Siblings receive a 10% discount.

Term Time only places are available for children attending three days or more. School days are available from 8am-4pm. These are charged at a higher rate than the normal daily rate to allow us to hold spaces during the three months children are away.

  •  Childcare Vouchers

We accept all childcare vouchers. Please ask your employer which scheme they use or we can help you with this. For more information please click on the link below.


The childcare Voucher scheme is changing in Autumn 2015 to a new Tax-Free Childcare scheme. The new scheme will offer further savings for many families especially if self-employed but some will be better off under the existing vouchers scheme. Until the new scheme comes into place, parents can still sign up for the existing voucher scheme and all parents already on the voucher scheme, when the new system comes into effect, will be allowed to continue with the vouchers scheme.

Please click on the link below for a full explanation of the new Tax Scheme from Autumn 2015. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/tax-free-childcare-10-things-parents-should-know

For more general information on Tax credits and help with childcare costs please click on the link below. https://www.gov.uk/browse/benefits/tax-credits

  • Childcare Funding.

 All children after their 3rd Birthday are entitled to claim up to 570 free Government funded hours per year. This is separated into three terms with the Autumn term having a maximum 210 free hours. The Spring term having a maximum 165 free hours and the Summer term having a maximum 195 free hours. We calculate your allowance over the whole year and discount this from your monthly bills.

Two Year Old Funding

Some children are entitled to 570 free hours per year after their 2nd Birthday.

Please click the link below to see if you are entitled to claim.


  Full Day
School Day
Under 2’s £50£27.50£25 £44
Over 2’s£46£25.50£23£40.50
Term time

Under 2’s
£55 £30.50£27.50£48.50
Term time
Over 2’s